1. Scoping

Time well spent investigating the background to the topic you wish to research and helping you to understand what would be the most effective way to proceed

2. Reviewing

Conducting a review of the research and literature that already exists about your proposed research topic. This tells you the best angle to pursue to make sure your research  packs a punch in its field

3. Designing

Producing a really well thought through research design to make sure that all the necessary ground is covered and you meet your performance indicators and know your objectives

4. Planning

Drawing up detailed plans to enable the research to proceed in a timely and systematic manner

5. Advising on Methods

It matters what methods you use to conduct your research. Progress and end results can be affected by the choice of methods tailored to your enquiry

6. Analysis

Your results can be analysed by an expert in qualitative data. Fine Grain uses specialist software NVivo 11 and years of thematic coding expertise to produce a complex analysis of your data followed by a clear write up of results

7. Visualisation

Using NVivo means that compelling data visualisation like word clouds can be produced to inform your understanding of the findings

8. Editing

With a strong background in editing specialist reports for the social sciences Fine Grain will make sure your report is at its best for its public release. We apply detailed attention to graphics and academic rigour to referencing conventions

9. Ethical review

Is your research ethical? Funders, sponsors and gatekeepers need to know this and protocols can be daunting. Five years’ experience as vice chair of an ethical review committee mean I understand the pitfalls and processes needed to pass ethical review.

10. Consulting

19 years of research experience positions Fine Grain to give the best advice, mentoring and ongoing support for your project

Contact Fine Grain to help you navigate the complexities of research management and save you time and costs with the most efficient path through the complexities.


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