Why you should work with me beyond the UK Election

Purdah gives us a time to plan and reflect as the parties write and debate their manifestos.  Is there policy that your organisation would like to comment on, or even challenge?
Perhaps you have reports and papers waiting to release once purdah is over in a couple of weeks. Or maybe you are looking to influence policies of whichever party wins the election and would be helped by some appropriate evidence.
In which case this is just to let you know that I offer specialist editorial services for social researchers, drawing on my extensive research background plus editorial training with Chapterhouse Publishing. So if you need proofreading, copy editing or something specialised, please let me know how I can help.
In addition I can offer a variety of research support and consultancy services (I most recently worked in this capacity for the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse).
I have full borrowing access to all 18 of UCL’s libraries, so I am very well placed for thoroughly informed literature reviews. I also use Nvivo 11 qualitative analysis software which makes drawing out the main themes from interviews and focus group write-ups very effective.
Most importantly my specialist knowledge and understanding of conducting policy research with vulnerable groups puts me in an excellent position to thoroughly understand your needs and apply my skills strategically.
Use the contact form on this site to get in touch about how I could best work with you and your organisation to make sure that vulnerable groups get the best possible deal from a new government.

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