Report writing and editing skills

Fine Grain offers writing and editorial skills with an emphasis on creating clearly expressed research and policy reports, as well as strategy and other management documents.

I have nine years’experience of writing  effective policy and research reports for a large UK children’s charity. I also support researchers, policy influencers, bid writers and students to deliver the best copy they can through judicious copy editing and advice.

Copy editing training

As a freelance consultant, I’ve decided to offer more copy editing in the future.  So, with this in mind, I enrolled on the Chapterhouse Publishing four-day proofreading and copy editing seminar held at Imperial College, London last week.

I have to say I learnt so much thanks to the excellent, engaging and informative tutor and the stimulating interactions with other students. I’ve come away with follow-up exercises and two challenging assessment pieces to work on at home and mentoring going forward. I’m really looking forward to consolidating the publishing fundamentals I picked up on the face-to-face course and getting started on more authentic copy editing tasks – rather than just exercises.

Contact me for further information on writing and editorial support from Fine Grain.



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