Specialist in qualitative social research with children and young people

Welcome to Fine Grain Consultancy

I’m Jane Evans and I am  a numerate, values-driven social policy researcher with over 20 years’ experience of  getting the voices of vulnerable people heard in practice and policy making.

Whatever stage your research plans are at I can help you make them successful and influential.

Contact me for:

Primary research working directly with children and young people

I specialise in designing and carrying out ethical, qualitative research projects with vulnerable groups and children and on sensitive topics.

I can design your research project end to end, carry out field work, including interviews and focus groups finishing with a clear and informative report based on thematic analysis.

Service evaluations

I conduct thorough and informative service evaluations including process evaluations and theory of change evaluations.  I have a thorough understanding of children’s services delivery in the voluntary and statutory sectors.

Literature reviews

I have conducted several literature reviews, scoping reviews and rapid evidence assessments on topics ranging from girls’ reproductive rights to hunger in the school holidays.  Contact me for further info on this essential first step in scoping and designing research and service delivery.

Ethical review and advice

I am the Vice Chair of a research ethics committee and have over eight years’ experience in this and similar roles. I can assist with preparing ethical review applications.

Advice and consultancy

Contact me if you need advice on how to research your area especially if it concerns sensitive topic, children, young people or vulnerable groups.

My Clients include:

Barnardo’s  Child Sex Abuse Centre  Ambitious about Autism  The Children’s Society

Plan International UK  Department for Education Research In Practice Sherbert Research





Qualitative research support

Fine Grain helps you to deliver your evidence at every level from fine tuning your own proposals, preparation for ethical review, to managing end to end qualitative research projects.

In addition we can tailor one-off packages including thematic analysis using NVivo, report writing, and editorial services.

Contact Jane Evans to find out more

Writing and editorial services

In addition to a high standard of qualitative research, Fine Grain brings over 10 years’ experience to writing compelling  policy reports, as well as proofreading and copy-editing your work online or on paper.

I’ve attended the engaging and informative Chapterhouse proofreading and copy editing four day seminar, and continue to receive support from a Chapterhouse mentor.

Jane Evans is highly qualified to edit academic research reports with an understanding of the rigours of referencing.

Fine Grain works with you to make sure that your writing stands out. Your final copy will express the complex ideas your need to get across to policy makers without being hard to read. At the same time your individual writing ‘voice’ will shine through.

Contact Jane Evans for further details